May 2021

The CaMP lab is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All in person studies are suspended. There is one online study ongoing; details can be found on the “Current Studies” page. This page also indicates studies we are hoping to resume as soon as possible. Entry into the lab must be requested if it is required. We are hoping to return to the lab in the fall for in person studies. Stay safe!

August 2017:

Heather Neyedli has been awarded a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) that will support the purchase of a NIRS system. The infrastructure will contribute to her research program on stroke rehabilitation. Check out the Dal News story.


July 2017:

After a busy winter semester, CaMP lab members have three new publications out.

1) Kevin LeBlanc and Heather Neyedli have an article out about how we adjust our movement endpoint when reward change in the environment.

2) In an article lead by Chris Friesen and supervisor Shaun Boe from the Laboratory of Brain Recovery and Function in collaboration with Heather Neyedli and Tim Bardouille we showed imagined imitation (a mix of motor imagery and action observation) in combination with neurofeedback training could lead to changing in activation in sensori-motor cortex.

3) Heather Neyedli along with collaborators from the Plasticity Group at the University of Oxford showed that both younger and older adults could regulate sensorimotor activity using neurofeedback from real-time fMRI.

February 8, 2017:

Heather Neyedli attended the NSHRF award gala. The CaMP lab has received a Development and Innovative Grant to study an intervention for Essential Tremor along with collaborators David Westwood, Heather Rigby and Maarten DeVos. Masters student Chelsey Sanderson will be working on the project for her thesis.

September 12, 2016:

NSERC has published a profile on some of our work on decision making and action selection and planning:

June 2016:

First CaMP Lab Alumni, Justin Brooks and Jessica Shannon graduate with their BSc. Honours Kinesiology. Sad to see them go but excited for what is next!


March 2016:

CaMP Lab honours students Jessica Shannon and Justin Brooks along with Action Lab friend, Colin Flysak traveled to APES at St. FX to present their work. Congrats to Jessica for picking up an award for her presentation!


June 2015:

Getting some press about the NSERC Discovery Grant!