Current Studies/Opportunities

ONLINE- actively seeking participants

Study Name: Communication and shared awareness in small task groups

Summary of Research Project: This study involves a bit of prep work (<1 hour) and within 48 hours attending a Zoom session (~1.5 hours in length). Other participants who have volunteered for the study will be on the call and together you will form a team and each team member will have a different role within the team. Your team will work together to use the information we provided you to come up a with a plan to address a fictitious hurricane relief scenario we provide you. 

Time Requirement: 1.5-2.5hrs

Compensation: $25 (e-transfer)

The background image shows a hurricane track over the Caribbean and the Eastern United States. In the foreground is a logo of a team three people sitting around a desk. The image text includes: "We are looking for participants to attend online study on team communication. You will be given a role within a team and a challenging hurricane relief scenario. You will role-play with other participants as a group to provide a solution to help with hurricane relief.. email: for further info". The image also contains the logos of Dalhousie University and Defense Research and Development Canada.

Contact: Chelsey Sanderson,

Location: Dalplex, 6260 South Street, Halifax, NS

Study Name: Measurement of Reach Trajectories to Two Targets

Summary of Research Project: This study serves to characterize the movement pattern of the hand when reaching to two different targets. You will be asked to attend a single session lasting approximately 90 minutes, where we will attach small markers to your hand in order to measure your movements in space.

Who Can Take Part in the Research Study: You can take part in this study if you are between 18-34 years of age and can attend 1 in-person research session at the Dalplex.

Time Requirement: 1.5 hrs

Compensation: If currently enrolled in a psychology course at Dalhousie, this study can be found on SONA and is worth 1.5 SONA credits

Study Contact: Chelsey Sanderson,

Study Name: Automation-Human Interaction in Underwater Mine Warfare

Summary of Research Project: The purpose of this study is to determine how a team’s interaction with an automated target recognition system affects trust, self-confidence and performance during a multi-person underwater mine detection task.

Time Requirement: 2hrs

Compensation: If currently enrolled in a psychology course at Dalhousie, this study can be found on SONA and is worth 2 SONA credits. Based on your performance in the study, you may also be eligible for a small monetary incentive ($10).

Study Contact: Chelsey Sanderson,

Student Opportunities:

Currently, Heather has limited graduate student opportunities in the CaMPlab for Fall of 2022.

Volunteer opportunities are also diminished in capacity at this time, but see above for an up-to-date list of opportunities to volunteer as a participant! We would love to hear from you and have you participate in our ongoing research endeavours.


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