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Actively seeking participants

Study Name: Will an Acute Bout of Aerobic Exercise Mitigate the Effect of Stress on Cognitive Performance?

Summary of Research Project: The study involves two sessions that include a maximal exercise test, mental arithmetic, and cognitive testing (like computer games) to measure mental performance (like attention). We also collect saliva samples to measure levels of stress and use a cap to measure brain activity.

Who Can Take Part in the Research Study: To be eligible to volunteer, you must be a non-smoker between 18 and 40 years of age and not have any brain, lung or heart conditions. You must also have no current or previous diagnoses of any anxiety disorders. Individuals currently taking mood or hormone altering medications are also not eligible.

Time Requirement: The study takes approximately 3.5 hours in total to complete (across both sessions).

Compensation: You will receive $20 for each session you attend.

Study Name: Automation-Human Interaction in Underwater Mine Warfare

Summary of Research Project: The purpose of this study is to determine how a team’s interaction with an automated target recognition system affects trust, self-confidence and performance during a multi-person underwater mine detection task.

Time Requirement: 2hrs

Compensation: If currently enrolled in a psychology course at Dalhousie, this study can be found on SONA and is worth 2 SONA credits. Based on your performance in the study, you may also be eligible for a small monetary incentive ($10).

Study Contact: Chelsey Sanderson,

Student Opportunities:

Currently, Heather has limited graduate student opportunities in the CaMPlab for Fall of 2023.

Volunteer opportunities are also diminished in capacity at this time, but see above for an up-to-date list of opportunities to volunteer as a participant! We would love to hear from you and have you participate in our ongoing research endeavours.


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